Sunday, January 17, 2010

A Slightly Philosophical Moment (Or, Faith Restored)

Well I went out to the park today. It was pretty nice. I read some on 1919 and took a couple walks. I didn't quite get my 10000 steps, but I did get some exercise.

During one of the walks, I saw something precious. And when I say something is precious, you know it has to be, since I'm not the mushy, sentimental type. Anyway, a woman was walking with her small child (since I've been studying Spanish, the first thing I thought of was "La mujer y su hijo caminan") down to the pier. As they were walking down, two geese waddled up to the kid. I'm sure there's something philosophical there, but I haven't thought about it enough. All I can say is that just about the time I'd given up hope in this world, that sight restored some of it.

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