Sunday, February 07, 2010


Well, I just haven't had a whole lot of insight to share with the world recently for some cause or other. But I do have some news. My cousin Andre, and her husband, Scott, just bought a Schnauzer puppy last night. And oh my, if he isn't hyper! We've taken some precautions to puppy-proof the house to the best of our ability. Such as closing doors. Used to be that the only way Pierce and I knew that the bathroom (that we share) was unoccupied was that the door was wide open. Now, it's always closed. Let's just hope we each remember to lock the door while in there.

Oh, and something else to be on the lookout for: walking around barefoot. Puppy seems to have taken a dump on the floor of the breakfast nook last night with no warning that he needed let out. Oops. And also, there appeared a mysterious puddle about a foot and a half from the other offering. And human footprints lined the kitchen. We're not sure which of us stepped in it--most likely it was either Andre or myself, though it could have been Pierce. See, used to be, water on the floor was no big deal. Maybe somebody spilled a little water walking from the refrigerator to the table in the breakfast nook. You stepped in it, it dried, no big deal. Now, if we step in anything questionable, it is a big deal.

But the little guy really is a joy. He just loves everybody (though he might try to bite toes) and has been providing us all with some much-needed laughter for the past 18 hours or so. We're all getting to that point in the semester where the pace is picking up. Not bad yet, but a little stress relief can't hurt.

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BJ Roan said...

Puppies can't hold it and don't know they can't go everywhere. Take him/her out every 15 minutes. Give lots of praise and a treat IMMEDIATELY after a successful evacuation. Immediately so he knows he got the treat for going potty. Oh, before you take him out, ask happily before opening the door, "Go potty?" And then open the door. It shouldn't take more than a day of constant outside for the little feller to get the idea. ;) If you don't need this advice, ignore it. lol