Thursday, November 20, 2008

True Colours Thursday--Red!

I'm so glad to see that my photos finally loaded! I initially had four photos, but after spending the better part of a day trying unsuccessfully to load them all, then after failing to load three of them, I tried loading only two. Apparently that's all I'm going to get this time. Maybe when red rolls around the next time I can use the other two.

These are nesting dolls from Russia. My dad spent a good part of the morning performing a low-budget Caesarian on the 2nd doll. Apparently the paint glaze dried in the joint, thus gluing doll #2 together and imprisoning the four other nesting dolls inside. But persistence paid off, and I was able to get this shot. It's not perfect, but it's here.

This is Mom's mug that she bought from Michael's craft store. She thought the mugs were "too cute," and dropped the hat (lid) off one of them. I was terrified that she had broken it, but fortunately it was tough and didn't break. Soon after that incident (which involved a total silencing of all patrons and the subsequent open-mouthed staring), I strongly encouraged her to just pick one so we could get out of there as soon as possible. This was the one she went with!

Blue, I realize that it is now actually Friday for you. I sincerely apologize for my inability to post when I wanted to (which was around 11:00 or noon today). Anyway, I may get an early start on next week by saving a draft early, and maybe even posting on Wednesday night!


B. Roan said...

I'm glad your dad's was persistent. Nice collection of dolls. I think your mom made a fine choice, albeit quickly made.

magiceye said...

beautiful pics and excellent commentary!

Poopsie Blue said...

Hi Sunshine!
Glad your perseverance paid off, it's good to have you onboard.

The Russian dolls are fun - always fancied a set my-self & had to LOL @ the caesarian tale!