Thursday, November 06, 2008

Sleepy Thursday

It's been kind of rainy today, so I wasn't able to sit outside and read Faulkner. However, I was able to work on a crocheted afghan (YES!). Perhaps I'll get it done in time for winter.

In other news, though I did not make soup today, I did make soup yesterday. This time I made cheesy potato soup (very yummy, I may add). I don't measure very many ingredients when making soup, but I can say that this time I boiled three good-sized Yukon Gold potatoes (cubed) with one vegetable bouillon cube until the potatoes were tender, but not mushy. Then, I added a can of condensed cream of celery soup and a pound of Velveeta. I accidentally boiled the cream soup and Velveeta, which separated the soup a little. For best results, just melt the cream soup and Velveeta. Also, next time I plan to use more potatoes. The broth is good, but I like some substance to my soup!


B. Roan said...

Potato soup is one of my favorites. My mom's didn't have cheese, but it was good anyway. She made hers with potatoes, onions, salt, pepper, butter, and cream. The cream was added after the potatoes and onions were cooked through. The cream isn't boiled, warmed only. Personally, I enjoy the cheese variety, but still like the memories that come with a cup of mom's soup. BJ

Poopsie Blue said...

Hi Sunshine!

Just read your comment on BJ post re my True Colours Thursday idea.
I'd be delighted if you'd like to join in but BJ has jumped the gun!

Or, rather I didn't make myself clear - it's NEXT WEEK that the colour to post about is Green!
This week was just an opening gambit based on Many Colours as in my PicassieO print.

Take care

B. Roan said...

I stopped by to tell you to post green next week, but I see Poopsie has already done so. I'm glad you are joining in. It will be fun. BJ

B. Roan said...

Oh, and I wardrobe is made up of a lot of brown, as well.

Poopsie Blue said...

Me again!

I've tagged you for a blog meme called "A snapshot of my life".
Only participate if you want too.
But remember you can tag BJ to tell all!

Robin said...

I love thick creamy soups. It's still not quite cool enough for them here, but soon.