Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Tagged by Blue...

Okay, so I have officially been tagged by Blue to do this survey thing. Looks like this will be fun. Thanks, Blue!

Outside my window... Are cardinals and blue jays.
I am thinking... "It's too cold!"
I am thankful for... My friends and family.
From the kitchen... I will be baking some chocolate chip and toffee cookies soon!
I am creating... A mess of my room!
I am going to... Work on crocheting an afghan.
I am wearing... A red hoodie and new blue jeans--all Arizona brand! (my favorite)
I am reading... Sanctuary by William Faulkner.
I am hoping... That my cousin gets over her tummy ache.
I am hearing... My cat snoring.
Around the house... Clutter, but there are new birthday gifts amongst it!
One of my favorite things... Is traveling--need to plan my next trip soon.
A few plans for the weekend... Tentatively, having pizza with my friends (weather and schedules permitting).
Remember... Life is what you make it, so be happy.

I'm going to tag a few of my buddies to play along (if they so desire)

BJ, Ray, Lilly, Alisa, Robin, "Alf Rocks", Roadchick


B. Roan said...

If Hubby doesn't get my dinner on the table soon...I'll be over to try some of those cookies! Mine's finished. BJ

Robin said...

That's so great that you know how to crochet. I wish I did.

I'll play along this weekend, I can use the blog fodder with NaBloPoMo this month.

Poopsie Blue said...

Well played.
Envy you your view of Blue Jays & Red Cardinals.

Cloudia said...

Nice sketch of a sweet life, writer!
Aloha from Waikiki-