Monday, November 10, 2008


Well, today was my birthday. I went out to eat with my parents, went to the mall, and then came home and opened gifts. We ran into a local newscaster at the mall. My dad said, "Well, there's a familiar face," and the newscaster got a strange expression on his face as if he were thinking, Should I know this guy? I guess I need to say something, and then he said, "Hey, how's it going?" and playfully patted Dad on the back. It's fun to freak out even local celebrities.

BJ, I apologize for having not yet finished Se7en to write a movie review on it. Lately, I've been so sleepy that I haven't been able to watch movies at night like I generally do before writing reviews. However, that being said, I do intend to finish it (and hopefully soon). I also bought The Good Shepherd today. I don't usually buy movies unless I know for sure that I like them. But I took a chance on this one. Hopefully I will produce a review of it soon, as well. Oh yes, and if I can get Blogger to cooperate, I also plan to post more pictures soon.


B. Roan said...

Sounds like a fun birthday! I'm curious as to who the local "celebrity was". I'm awaiting your reviews, but there is no rush. BJ

Ray said...

I didn't know it was your birthday!

Since we're not facebook friends, I didn't get a feed message to alert me!

Either way I hope you had a super duper birthday!

I can't wait for this weekes sunday scribbling, it's something fun to look forward to!