Saturday, November 29, 2008

Oh the Joys...

Yesterday was not good.

I was tired most of the morning and all of the afternoon. I dropped a notebook, a pen, a cross-stitch kit, and two forks. This is why I decided not to hold the baby.

After spending two hours at my grandma's doing the backbreaking task of Round One Photo Organizing, I came home to find a rejection letter from a job I applied to earlier this year.

At 6:25, I left home for a coffee house to meet some of my GA buddies that I used to work with during my MA. One of the girls is from Colombia, but she's working on a Ph.D in the States. I hadn't seen her in several months, so it was good to have the chance to get together.

I was actually on time, for once in my life. Maybe I got too smug, I don't know, but just as I was turning onto the road where the coffee shop is located, I saw red and blue lights and knew I was getting pulled over.

Mental check: I'd driven under the speed limit, I stopped at the stop sign, and I signaled. So what's up, Officer?

I pulled into a parallel parking spot and rolled down my window.

"Good evening, my name is Officer, so and so. The reason I'm pulling you over is that your license plate bulb is burned out."

"Oh, I'm sorry about that Officer, but thanks for telling me. I didn't realize."

"May I see your license and proof of insurance?"

I promptly handed him my school ID card. Stupid, stupid me.

"Sorry, that's my ID card--wrong one. Just a moment." I handed him my license and with slightly nervous hands (I was wondering how much this little infraction was going to cost me), and began remembering the rejection letter, the many dropped items, and my general sense of a bad mood. Then I remembered setting off the metal detector at airport security with my pocket full of change. It was actually quite amusing. Of course, traffic was heavy with rubbernecks gawking at me, the poor sucker, pulled over. I could hear them now, "I wonder what she did?" and "I'm so glad I didn't get pulled over." Finally, the cop came back and issued me a written warning. I was very grateful (but it's a little late to post another to prompt #138).

Anyway, I reparked my car (though I could have left it in the parallel spot) and walked back to the coffeehouse, only to see that it was closed. I sat on a park bench and called my friend AG to see if she had anybody's number. She didn't either.

Fortunately, KR showed up and told me that the little party was being moved to her house, so I followed her there, and in 45 minutes, was completely parked in.

The day got better at that point. I was able to catch up with four of the girls I had worked with and taken classes with. I got home a little after midnight and was pooped. I'm glad I didn't hit the truck parked at KR's neighbor's house. I'm also fortunate I didn't hit KR's front porch. Oh yeah, and the way my day was going, I'm sure KR is glad that I didn't ask to hold her baby, IR.


Robin said...

Days like that suck. I'm glad yours ended better than it began.

BJ Roan said...

So sorry to laugh at your bad day, but that was hilarious!

Alisa said...

As my friend Russ would say...

"Some days you are the windshield, and some days you are the bug."

Glad you survived!