Monday, October 20, 2008

Verde Canyon

This is a magnificent view of the Verde River as seen from the Verde Canyon Railroad. This train ride was awesome! Mom and I rode first-class in the Wickenburg car. We each had a complimentary glass of sparkling cider, table and chairs, climate-controlled car with restrooms, nice decorations, and large viewing windows. This photo was actually taken through one of the windows. I have over 200 pictures of the Verde Canyon, and I could have taken thousands more. The landscapes out there are simply marvelous, and I mean that in the truest sense of the word. I was amazed.

When we got to a depot, Mom and I stepped out onto the open-air viewing car, which offered views even more spectacular than those from inside the car. We had to be careful not to stick our hands outside of the car, though, because the train passed very close to many of the jagged rocks. Since the train ride back simply went in reverse, we were able to see the other side of the canyon on the return trip. It was cool to see some of the old cliff dwellings and the ruins of the retired mining industry. Plus, I was able to nab some of the free snacks they offered on the way back.

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