Sunday, August 13, 2006

Two Carpenters... sorta

Well Mom and I decided today was the day to put together the entertainment center. Wow. It took like all afternoon/evening to do it, but folks, it is done. Now we just need to move the stuff into it. Personally I think that will be the fun part. I have also been cleaning my room today and it is looking better. Jasper and Sunshine got a little scare though, because I had to move them, cage and all, into the bathroom so I could vacuum up all the feathers and dust they create. I guess Dad didn't know they were there on the floor and banged open the door. Oops :) They seem to be recovering about as good as they're going to. The little critters are so nervous for some reason.

Shorty K called me a couple times yesterday--I'm excited because we're in a class together this fall. I also dug out all my kitchen utensils from my grandma's house so that I can maybe do a little cooking at his apartment if he doesn't mind. I forgot just how much stuff I own. I could literally just about move out right now if I made enough money to cover rent. I didn't realize that I have wooden spoons, a cutting board, some turners and slotted spoons, potholders, oven mitts, and hand towels. Not only that, but I have a bunch of bathroom stuff as well. Including but not limited to the following: trash can, soap dish, towels, wash cloths, and rug. It seems like I have other stuff for the kitchen and bath, because a couple years ago I was planning on moving into Grandma's house, but it didn't work out, so I still have all the stuff in mint condition. Sweet!

Yeah, I went to Rachel and Sarah's house with Brandy yesterday. We stayed a little longer than an hour, although Rachel originally said we could only stay an hour... I honestly don't understand how Sarah and Tammy are going to be able to have a place to sleep with as much stuff as they're planning on moving into their dorm. But good luck anyway, girls!

I am so totally excited about school like you wouldn't believe. I have begun packing my backpack, even though I'm only going to have one class and one independent study. I sort of regret not living on campus at least one semester of my college career, but I know I saved a lot of money by living at home.


Anonymous said...

Glad I finally got this internet to work around 10 tonight.

Anonymous said...

fyi: Fidel Castro is 80

Sunshine_Jones said...

I know--the dude just had his birthday

agitswhoiam said...

Hey, just wondered what you were thinking about the GRE...any good dates for you? I was just looking at the calendar and noticed that next month is well...close! Ha! Talk to ya later!!

Sunshine_Jones said...

Well, Amanda, I tell you what--let me know what days are good for you and I'll get back with you. I'm really not sure what days we can even go. Thanks :)