Sunday, March 29, 2009

Just When I Didn't Think Things Could Get Any Stranger...

I find out that I share a birthday with country singer Miranda Lambert.

Strange thing is, I have this love/hate thing with country music. I love some of it, and hate some of it. I happen to love Miranda Lambert's music, though. A few years back, when her song "Me and Charlie Talking" came out, I remember it was one of the few songs I'd stop at a country station for.

Side note: I'm the world's most annoying radio hog in my car. I will "surf" the stations the way some people surf cable. If I hear a song I like, I stop and listen to it. If there's a certain line of a song that I like, I'll listen for that, but sometimes will start surfing again once the favorite line is through. Numerous times, I have taken a 20-30 minute drive without listening to one song in its entirety.

Anyway, I'm driving home from church today and "Kerosene" comes on. Haven't heard the song in a while, so I decided to listen to it. I like Lambert's music because it's sassy, but not bitchy. Or at least that's my take on it. Well, really I can't explain it well. She's just one of the few female musicians I like. Her songs? The rhythm is good, the accompanyment excellent, the lyrics superb.

Suddenly a thought occurred to me: I have no idea what Miranda Lambert looks like. I can't even tell how old she is. So, when I got home, I decided to Google her. In all the results that came up, the one that said "November 10 1983" really stuck out to me. Two girls from my school also shared the birthday with me, and we all seemed to think it was the coolest thing ever. Well, until we grew out of it, anyway.

So I guess this year, Good Lord willin' and the creek don't rise, I'll have to tell Miranda Lambert happy birthday too :)


BJ Roan said...

I enjoy country music, so I am pleased to hear you at least like one singer. She is a very talented girl. She was a Nashville Star winner.

Anonymous said...

I'm a radio surfer too. Drives most people crazy. :)

deepteshpoetry said...

Wow u must be damn lucky 2 share a birthday with her.I'm dropping by after a long time as I was having my exams.Hope u r doing fine.Do chk out my new poem...this one's a bit different.

Lilly said...

I used to be a radio surfer too, now I just stick to news radio...getting old.