Monday, March 23, 2009

Fun With Tucker and Friends at the IBBC

While I sit here bemoaning the fact that I'm uber-behind on Monochrome Monday and MIA for TCT (and to cope, scarfing down the Kit Kats), I start burrowing around in the archives to see how I used to write. What was the deal? I think I used to be funnier than I am now. It's like I've mellowed out or something. Anyway, that's off-topic. I decided, while looking through the archives, that I should write about my experience at the IBBC last night.

So, I randomly decided to go with RC and SC to the IBBC last night. Nothing special going on, I just wanted to meet Brother Tucker. You read that right. And speaking of reading rights, I'm surprised I didn't get mine read last night. Every time I step foot into the IBBC, I lose my mind. I get silly, probably from being around R and SC. Plus, I forget that their church is quite strict, and I just generally act myself.

So, RC is playing the piano and BW is leading songs. He starts singing as RC messes up. "Oh, let me try that again" RC announces from the piano. Good thing it's a small church.

Of course, I don't know any of the songs. But it doesn't keep me from singing! Just like at karaoke...

Oh yes, and another word about the songs, I generally sing with the guys because if this alto tries to hit the high notes, her voice cracks like a pubescent boy's. Not pleasant to anyone's ears.

So finally songs are over and PW (this would be BW's uncle) announces that some girl was writing to the church asking for money. BW confirmed (from the pulpit) that he knew the girl and that she had worked for Subway. Then he clarified that this was a Subway restaurant and not an underground train. Whoa.

Let's see... then RC comes back from the piano and sits next to me. BW sits down as well, being replaced by Brother Tucker. Brother Tucker wants to discuss the church's Easter sunrise service. I'm not paying attention as I'm not planning on attending. I'm also not planning on the discussion taking 15 minutes of church time! I'm not even sure, after all the discussion, what they decided to even do.

Anyway, it's finally time for the sermon (though it seems like the hour is already up) and Brother Tucker reads from Psalm 66:15 (though I don't remember how the Scripture tied into the lesson) I do, sadly, remember that he told some joke about a little kid whose teacher always transposed numbers, so the kid told the teach to write down 66 so that it would be the same backwards and forwards. The rest of the congregation was laughing.

Then, let's see... old Tucker starts talking about irrigation in Utah (how's that for randomness?) and RC writes down "It Never Rains in Southern California" (okay, it's a little obscure, but she and I both like it). Doesn't the name Albert Hammond mean anything to anyone anymore? RC slyly turns her notebook so I can read the song reference--she doesn't make eye contact with me--and then we both start snickering in the back row. We joked about being "Back Row Baptists" though I am not really a Baptist and their church claims to be independent (hence the "I" in the name).

Then, Bro. Tucker launches into another of his famous "Oh my soul!" tirades, which sends RC and I into another illicit giggle-fest (thought I was going to have to sneak off into the bathroom if this kind of thing didn't stop--I really didn't want to be offensive, but at solemn moments, I've noticed that things you generally wouldn't laugh about become about 100x funnier).

And oh, by the way, I guess RC forgot that, though it never rains in Southern California, it pours, man, it pours.

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