Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Good For You, Chef Boyardee

Okay, this title does have a bit of a double meaning. I'm very proud of Chef Boyardee (hence the "Good for You," but the reason I'm proud of it is that the products have become healthier (hence the "Good for You" ;) )Get my drift?

Anyway, I went to Wal-Mart with my dad this morning, and for the first time in a very long time, I was led into temptation by the canned pasta aisle. I almost resisted, but then I saw the Dinosaurs pasta that I used to basically live on as a kid. Dad lived on it when I was a kid, too. He started in about how good that was, and while reminiscing about the good old days, I was persuaded by the devil on my shoulder to pick up a can. I was shocked to see that if I ate the whole can, I'd still have 42% of my daily sodium intake to spend on something else (I'm very economic in my thinking). After I told this to Dad, he insisted that I pick up a can for him, as well.

When I got home a few minutes ago, I opened up mine to microwave it for lunch, and I saw that there was actually more potassium than sodium in a serving. Wow! And, there was the addition of other minerals, such as selenium. Here I was feeling guilty for straying and picking up a can of pasta. Still, I started with a half can. But I talked myself into eating the other half. Used to be, you only ate a whole can of pasta if you had a death wish. It's good to know that food manufacturers are getting a little more health-conscious. Now I can fudge on other things, like Kit Kats :)

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Jeff B said...

Ha, now there's justification!

We used to always have a couple cans of the stuff in the pantry when I was growing up. We would eat it straight out of the can at room temp.

Ah yes, the good ole' days.