Saturday, June 27, 2009

Wedding Bell Blues (Oh wait, adjust that white balance)

Well, today was my cousin's wedding. Kind of hard to believe she's married. I figured she'd be a free-spirit, but I guess she settled down! So now Pierce and I are the only single cousins left. Pierce will probably get married someday. I guess weddings are nice, if you like that sort of thing. I personally think they're too flowery and sentimental.

Speaking of flowery, Mom tried to take some photos of the flowers (and dresses), but the purples came out blue each time...

During some song (in the wedding ceremony), Andre (the bride) and her twin, Renee, looked at each other and burst into tears. Hearing loud sobbing from the front row, I turned to see their mother boo-hooing too. Then, to my right, sat my mother, Marguerite, bawling her eyes out. I couldn't help myself. With all this emotion floating around, I broke into fits of laughter. Unrestrained, irreverent laughter. I laughed right through the prayer. I don't belong at fancy-schmancy gushy mushy emotion-riddled events such as these.

I did my duty. I chatted with the groom's brother (who bears a striking resemblance to Steven Weber), I made people sign the guestbook, I handed out programs, I blew the bubbles at the bride and groom, and I toasted Andre and Scott with a glass of champagne at the reception. But I didn't dance.

This is not to say that I didn't want to dance--I did. But Mom wanted to leave the party at 8:30 just as the party was getting started. See, the dinner took too long. Had it been a cake-and-punch affair, we could have gotten some quality dancing time in. But this was like a three or four course meal (I'd know which it was if I knew the definition of a course) and it was strung out over a long period of time. Of course, I'm an idiot and didn't know which of my three freaking forks to use for what. I probably made a real fool of myself because I'd never had such a fancy meal before. I'm not comfortable with such high-class stuff.

Anyway, they called the wedding party out for a dance, but I wasn't sure if that included me or not. I was billed as a member of the wedding party in the programs, and I was wearing a coursage, which technically associated me with the wedding party, but I hadn't been to the rehearsal and I wasn't really "in" the wedding. So I sat back. I considered dancing with Pierce, since he just looked lost and alone, but being my first cousin (and basically my twin in age), I figured it would be weird for both parties invovled, so I stayed back. I considered shelling out $2 for the dollar dance and dancing with both Andre and Scott, but that's about the time Mom decided we needed to go. It was a real bummer. I think she felt bad about leaving so early, but she didn't know what time it was. It was much darker in the reception hall than it was outside. And she didn't have a watch. I really wish we could have stayed a little longer. I at least wanted to listen to some music, if nothing else.

It was nice to meet Scott's family, and it was cool to see a couple of my former college instructors there, but the icing on the cake was that I didn't catch the bouquet. Like I say, those things aren't for me.


BJ Roan said...

I suspect lightning will strike one day, and you will change your mind. Sounds like a great wedding!

Samantha ~ Holly and Zac ~ said...

Never say never as they say...

I have to say i am not fond of weddings, they seem to go on forever. There is always that boring bit where all everyone does is chat in between the actual wedding, the meal and the evening celebrations.

(does that make me sound awful?..LOL)

Anonymous said...

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