Thursday, June 25, 2009

Addicted to Academia

It just occurred to me today that I am addicted to academia. I haven't been out of school a whole year yet, and still I can't seem to stay away from my community college or my university. In fact, I went to the university today to meet with a former professor and visit the library, and this evening, I'm heading to the community college to take, yes, a noncredit course.

This is not the only noncredit course I'm enrolled in. No sir! This is the final meeting of a three-week photography course, but I'm also enrolled in an online writing course, and a one-day course in something elusive that appears to be of a scrapbooking nature. It's summer and I've enrolled in three courses? That's practically a full load (in grad school terms, that is a full load).

But wait, there's more!

As you all know, I'm currently reading Little Dorrit with none other than two of my former professors. I'm also reading Ulysses as recommended by one of the profs, and I just checked out A Clockwork Orange and Catch-22. I've been reading all kinds of literature this summer and trying to get as many MLA Top 100 novels under my belt as possible. And I've been writing. Creative writing, that is.

If I start writing academic papers, then I'll know I have it bad.


BJ Roan said...

There are much worse things to be addicted to.

Anonymous said...

I found I really missed going to class, having pens, notebooks, books, homework and important deadlines. Don't really know what to do with myself without all of that. I was just telling BJ that maybe I'll sign up for a literary analysis class or writing. Something to keep me busy besides just cleaning! :) Hope all of your reading going well!

Anonymous said...

There is something great about being on a campus or in a library with a good book. There really is nothing like it.