Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Thank You, Paul Simon

It's been a pretty good day: Mom and I got a little walk in, though I must confess it was a walk to a maltshop for lunch. No matter--we did a little exercise over lunch hour. Additionally, I worked on an embroidery project (messed up a little, but really, who's gonna notice?) But I just wasn't feeling all that productive. So I put a couple loads of clothes to dry and took a brief nap. Somehow I couldn't seem to get Paul Simon's "Kodachrome" out of my head, so I hunted out my CD and am playing it via Xbox. It was amazing... at the first strains of "Mother and Child Reunion" I instantly felt about 10 years younger. Suddenly, feeding and watering my birds wasn't such a chore. I even swept up the birdseed they'd spilled with no complaints. I found myself singing along to "Me and Julio Down By the Schoolyard," and even DANCING to "Loves Me Like a Rock." Okay, granted, I'm blogging now, but trust me, I was really productive for a while there. And since I have the CD set to loop, I may become quite efficient with the housework.

Another plus: I forgot to take my pedometer off when I started my dancing fit, so I now have 1.3 miles in for the day. Heck yeah, I'm counting it--dancing is good exercise. Okie doke--gonna get back to that housework now. Peace out.


BJ Roan said...

I have quite a lot of work today, perhaps I should break out the Paul Simon music.

Robin said...

The right music makes anything go better - I could never manage the gym without my mp3 player!

Deeptesh said...

nice post n thank u 4 d comments.I'm going out 2moro on a trip to the hills for over two weeks n will return on 11th.Will chk ur posts after that.Bye till then.