Wednesday, April 01, 2009

The Name Game 2009 Meme

The Name Game - 2009

BJ tagged me for this meme, so I'll give it a go!

By the way, some of these are things I like, while others are stream-of-consciousness reactions. Enjoy :)

1. What is your name? SUNSHINE (for blogging purposes)

Since my name begins with S, all my answers to the below list must begin with the letter S.

2. Four letter word: Whoa! Careful there... SNOW?

3. Girl Name: SUSAN (or SUSSUDIO, if you like Phil Collins)

4. Boy Name: SAM SPADE!

5. Occupation: SALESMAN. Not something I'd like to do, but necessary, I guess.

6. Color: SAGE

7. Piece of clothing: SANDALS. Does footwear count?

8. Food: SOUP

9. Item in the bathroom: SOAP

10. Place/City: SCOTTSDALE, Arizona--where I attended my first writing conference.

11. A reason for being late: SINGING in the shower. APRIL FOOL'S!!!

12. Something I’d yell: SWEET!

13. Movie: SIXTH Sense

14. Something you drink: SWEET tea

15. Band: SIMON and Garfunkle :)

16. Animal: SNAKE

17. Street name: SECOND

18. Car: SUBARU--once, on a field trip, we crammed about 8 students into one (it was being used as a campus shuttle at a university) not for the same reason BJ did, but just because we wanted to stay together as a group. Fun times!

19. Song: SUGAR Magnolia :)

20. Activity that includes more than one participant: Excuse me?! SING-a-Long

The End!

Tagging anyone who wants to participate!

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