Sunday, April 10, 2011


Yes, I think I just coined a new word. No, I don't care.

So anyway, I was just looking through old blog posts (can I really be on my way to my 6-year blogiversary?!) and I noticed a few things.

My life has gone through some fairly drastic changes in said years.

I know, I know... this is the kind of thing to post on an actual blogiversary, not on a random unassociated day, but eh, at this point, if the muse calls, I need to answer.

Anyway, observation #1: I'm not a whole heck of a lot different now than I was "then."

Translation: I am still interested in noir, neo-noir, certain elements of graphic novel, video games, and similar types of music.

Observation #2: There are alarming similarities between my current boyfriend and my ex.

Translation: They are both into gaming and horror movies and some of the same comedy shows/movies.

Additional Translation: The games they play are wildly different, and they seem to like comedy for different reasons. Also, I actually like my current boyfriend.

Observation #3: Somehow (probably as a result of being with the ex for 3 years or whatever) I have become even more nihilistic, cynical, and jaded.

Translation: I am more conscious and aware of this nihilism, cynicism, and enjadedness that has been growing ever since my first existential crisis emerged at age four.

Observation #4: There was a time when I was actually sorta on top of things, technologically.

Translation: These days, I gotta earn my geek creds. But I keep up with podcasts and nerdy webcoms in addition to the miniscule amounts of gaming I don't have time for.

Observation #5: I was a better writer back then.

Translation: I do my best writing when extremely depressed.

Observation #6: Blogging has become too icon-based and user-friendly for my taste.

Translation: I was just talking to Jerome about this. He prefers WYSIWYG, but I like code. I miss the days when you had to manually format everything. Like typing the word strong in to bold something. I absolutely love code, and HTML is a pretty easy coding system. But I really miss the days when I used to spend hours in front of my old Panasonic computer (I had forgotten the brand etc., but ran across an article on the very one I had here after several months of agonizing on again/off again Google searching. The search terms that found it were "panasonic cpu keyboard 1980s blue keys hook up to cassette player" since that's pretty much all I remembered about it. I don't even know how I remembered that it was Panasonic.) programming various, well, programs in BASIC.

Observation #7: I am more long-winded than I used to be.

Translation: See translation above.

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BJ Roan said...

I like 'Reminiscery'. Enjoyable post.