Monday, February 21, 2011

The Madness Continues...

Over the weekend, I completed two fairly crazy construction projects. Well, the construction projects themselves weren't crazy, but my doing of them was. On Saturday evening, I spent an insomniac night putting together a Lego Technic motorcycle project. Then, on Sunday evening, I spent an insomniac night putting together a Lego architecture project. Fallingwater. I think that is the largest, and, arguably, most difficult Lego architecture project. I spent a fair amount of time listening to podcasts about a variety of topics, including spiritual/philosophy, technology, and female difficulties (to put it politely).

Well, since that's over, I am considering reading up on programming again, and perhaps practicing math and science problems. I also have an electronics kit that I just don't feel like working with tonight. I also, of course, have work to do (grading and reading both). If I weren't always so tired, I would try my hand at humor writing again. I guess at least blogging keeps me in the writing mindset. Well, I'm off to do something--just not sure what.

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Alisa Callos said...

:) This made me smile. We built the Harry Potter train this weekend. What fun!