Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Tuesday's Gone... with the Wind

Thank you to Lynyrd Skynyrd for that awesome lyric. And all apologies for ripping it off. I was rereading some of my old posts and some from my friend AG lately. They reminded me of the "old days." I put this in quotes because I'm being slightly facetious, but not too much, when you think of it. My college days have come and gone and sometimes I find it hard to believe that I'm out of high school. I think this is because when I was a little kid (and too much of a thinker), I used to think things like, "Wow. In the year 2000 I'll be 16 and have a car! In 2002 I'll graduate high school!" It seemed like the magic turn of the millineum was an event that was too far in the future the ever happen. Plus, when the 19's ended and the 20's began, well, we all just knew that was going to be the end of the world. Anybody remember stocking up on rice and beans and/or buying a generator to outwit, outplay, and outlast the dreaded Y2K?

But nothing happened. It was just life as usual. I guess what blows my mind is that the 2000s are almost over and the teens are going to begin. In the naughts, I have graduated high school, community college, university, and graduate school. Not only that, but I have also seen all my employment during those years. In a way, it seems so short. How did all that happen in a mere 9 years?

But then, you say, 9 years isn't anything to sneeze at. Nine years is 1/10th of 90 years. And 10% can go a long way. But seriously, what can I say about the '90s? A whole heck of a lot more. I started school, met all the milestones, and even became a teenager. The 1990s were a strange time. They somehow linked the 1980s with the 2000s. To me, that's a major feat.

What does all this have to do with the title of my post? I honestly haven't a clue. Maybe I'm just thinking about how it blows my mind that Spring 2010 is rapidly approaching. Maybe I'm having another quarter-life crisis. Could be related to being on the 30 end of my 20s now. Maybe it's because I teach some dual enrollment classes and I see high schoolers almost on a daily basis. Sometimes I forget that it's been years since I was there age. About 9 years, to be exact. And why is it that that pesky numbah noin, numbah noin, numbah noin, keeps popping up, anyway?

Like that reference just then. I wonder how many (if any) of my students would have a clue that I made a reference to the Beatles just now? If they even read this blog. Which I hope they don't. I sometimes forget that I'm supposed to be out of the loop. The only time I remember it is when I truly am. High school. It's been an eternity, but it just happened yesterday. And what really freaks me out is that these students were little kids when I was their age.

Anyway, I think the moral of this story, if one can be distilled, would probably be something like this: Tuesdays tend to wear me out. But this week, it's over. Maybe the tie to my childhood is my subconscious or my unconscious or whatever not-entirely-conscious-but-sorta part of my brain trying to tell me that high school is done. Over. Fin. And so is college.

But wait! While rereading the first part of this (whatever this is), it came to me. I miss the old days when AG and I had just begun blogging. I felt so full of inspiration and creativity back then. I also had dreams of being published. What happened to those dreams, anyway?

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Gel said...

I enjoyed reading your thoughts. (I like that play on words in the title. The "G" in my blog name stands for Green, but don't call me Scarlett...)
I popped into your mom's blog, but have seen no activity since Sept, so I came over here.

My daughter is younger than you, but I can see some of your philosophy in what she says to me and even within myself. There are times in our lives where a lot of life changes and experiences occur in a span of time that may seem "short" to others, but oh wow, reflecting back is an eye-opener. I am an artist who is also a mathematician/scientist so I liked your numbers analysis. Congrats on the milestones, mini and major, in your life and here's to many more "9"s.

BTW, I like the number 9 for reasons I hope to publish about...someday. Hang onto your dreams. Keep teaching, writing, and thinking. We thinkers make pondering an art!