Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Not Much Going on Today...

I think I have a touch of stomach flu or something... I woke up at 4:00 this morning and had to vomit (beautiful story, I know) and I haven't felt well all day. We hit a deer over a month ago and today we finally were able to take the car in to get fixed (nothing major but the deer got the grille and it looks like the car is screaming). Anyway, being the sweet daughter that I am, I offered to drive the other car (I like to call it the getaway car) when Dad dropped off the Deermobile. The getaway car is the Mousemobile. Mom wanted to borrow my car to use today and I got stuck all day with Mousemobile. Constantly nervous that a mouse would jump out and crawl up my pant leg, causing me to wreck and be cremated causing a slow, painful death, I wasn't very fond of the situation.

Nevertheless, in an attempt to please Mother, I took Mousemobile, thus saving her the potential excitement.

Met Lisa for a snack at the DQ--first meal I'd eaten today--and I felt alright then. Came home and baked some pretty good French bread. Freedom bread if you prefer. Now I don't feel so hot again. Actually I do feel hot, and that's the problem. So anyway, I drove to and from DQ in Mousemobile with no problems. Ah, the joys of rural life.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for also making me ill.
I can't believe I forgot to tell Lisa Happy Birthday-I am an idiot. Sorry about that one sis.