Sunday, June 06, 2010


Today is D-Day. But I was unaware of this fact until a high school friend that I hadn't heard from in a few months randomly communicated this fact to me. Huh.

Makes me think about how I need to go to Normandy still. I think I blogged about this sometime back, but age is sneaking up on me prematurely (at least as far as memory is concerned. Actually, my memory bank is more like Orwell's memory hole. You can be Freudian with that if you choose, but you'll just end up making a fool of yourself if you do. Anyway, what was I saying? Oh yes. Normandy.

So I had this great-uncle that was killed at D-Day. I'm guessing it was Omaha beach, since a certain cousin of mine wrote a story about a kid who was killed at Omaha beach, but that's just my speculation and assumption. Anyway, I'd love to visit the beaches of Normandy for that reason, and simply because I'd like to learn more about WWII. And to actually visit some places where battles took place would just be surreal.

I guess if nothing else, perhaps my learning more about WWII will enhance my playing of of Axis and Allies when I get together with my boyfriend and his friends.


Anonymous said...

D-day is portrayed in Saving Private Ryan.

Jerry D.

Natalie said...

We went to the landing beaches at Normandy this year and it was really moving to go with a guide and hear stories of the soldiers. If you ever get a chance, you should really consider going.