Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Things I'm (Not So) Proud Of...

1) I can play Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 online for hours on end.

2) I'm being a jerk on Fallout 3 on my first go.

3) I not-so-secretly want to make a vegetarian version of KFC's Double Down.

4) I think the chip in my windshield that looks like a bullet hole is pretty freaking awesome.

5) I can make a "that's what she said" reference or other double entendre out of just about anything.

6) And I usually do.

7) I quite possibly have no soul.

8) I have an overwhelming desire to visit all the places in "I've Been Everywhere."

9) I have been known to quote certain parts of "Closer" by Nine Inch Nails. Probably not the parts you are thinking of though.

10) I ate pizza with macaroni and cheese on it yesterday. And kind of liked it.

11) I got my @$$ kicked by Buffalo Wild Wings' Blazin' sauce. Just last week!

12) I just made a list of things I'm not proud of.


mr. midge man said...

Hello I am a random person in a basic computing class at Muskingum University who was told to make a blog and put ten posts on it for class... I did this (check it out sister) Now I was told to post on ten different blogs so... guess what? I'm doing that too. Mr Midget Man strikes again

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Poet in flames said...

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Anonymous said...

Why are you not proud of wanting to visit every city in the song "I've been everywhere"? I didn't know people even listen to that song anymore.

Jerry D from another blogger blog just passing thru.